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Military January 18 & 19, 2022

DoD: Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee Dies at 102
Military.com: FBI, US Agencies Look Beyond Indictments in Cybercrime Fight; VA Tests New Automated System that Could Speed Up Claims Decisions; Thousands of Ineligible Medical Providers Are Enrolled in the VA’s Community Care Program; ‘The Pilot’ Uses a Real Soviet Plane to Bring an Untold WWII Story to the Screen and more ->
Task & Purpose: Air Force awards Bronze Star to captain who managed airfield during chaotic Kabul evacuation “We controlled the busiest and most dangerous piece of sky in the world.”; The wild story of Marine legend Smedley Butler that you won’t hear at boot camp He was known nationally by his many nicknames: “The Fighting Hell-Devil Marine,” “Old Gimlet Eye,” “The Leatherneck’s Friend,” and “The Fighting Quaker.”; I’m going to hang your ass’ — Army vet allegedly threatens Air Force agent investigating him “Don’t you ever f–king think you can out smart a f–king tank commander.” Adn more ->
DoD: Feature Sports Heroes Who Served: World Series Champion Served in Navy During WWII; Aviator Call Signs: The History & Naming Rituals and more ->
By David Kindy, Smithsonian Magazine: Why the P-47 Thunderbolt, a World War II Beast of the Airways, Ruled the Skies Remarkably tough, the versatile fighter delivered far more punishment than it took.