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How One Scottish Town Revived a Local Tradition After 80 Years

The “Stromness Yule Log Pull” is officially back. Happy New Year! While people around the world celebrated the beginning of 2018 with typical revelry, the town of Stromness in Scotland’s Orkney Islands did one better and revived a local tradition that hadn’t been observed for 80 years. All it took was a huge log and …

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The Underground Pentagon

Fairfield, Pennsylvania Raven Rock Mountain Complex The Cold War-era “underground Pentagon” is a sprawling subterranean hideaway for the Defense Department. The Cold War-era complex is a sprawling subterranean hideaway for the Defense Department. Take a slight detour off Pennsylvania Route 16 near the Maryland state line and you’ll notice the rolling farmland and bucolic rural …

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Student Life at the First Medical College for Women

The pioneering women who faced jeers and discrimination to become doctors. In early November 1869, Anna Broomall, a student at the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMCP), was passed a note. It had made the rounds among her male counterparts at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School before a clinical lecture at Pennsylvania Hospital. For …

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