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Military October 03, 2021

Task & Purpose: This video captures the ‘catastrophic impact’ that kicked off the fierce ‘Black Hawk Down’ mission 28 years ago On Oct. 3, 1993, a contingent of U.S. special operations forces launched what was supposed to be a relatively simple mission. It ended up being a total disaster. And more ->
Military.com: Daughters of Carl Levin Christen US Warship Bearing His Name; Bomb Targets Mosque in Kabul, ‘a Number of Civilians’ Dead and more ->





Military October 04, 2019

Military.com: Air Force Maintenance Commander Fired from Specialized Fighter Unit in Pacific; Arlington, Texas, Chosen for New Medal of Honor Museum; It’s Time to Turn Up the Volume on Women Veteran-Owned Businesses; Coast Guard Changes Policy to Permit Hand, Finger Tattoos and more ->

Task & Purpose: The Fort Bliss soldier who saved children during the El Paso shooting was just arrested for desertion; We salute the Air National Guard chief master sergeant who pulled passengers from a fiery B-17 crash; 10 years ago, a handful of American soldiers held the line as hundreds of Taliban insurgents attacked a tiny US outpost; Whistleblower accuses largest US military shipbuilder of putting ‘American lives at risk’ by falsifying tests on submarine stealth coating; Former Army interpreter from Iraq gets 30 years for dealing fentanyl on dark web; British Army shares video of soldier getting hit in the nuts as a lesson on why situational awareness is important; This video captures the ‘catastrophic impact’ that kicked off the fierce ‘Black Hawk Down’ mission 26 years ago and more ->

By John Ismay, The New York Times At War: ‘I Am Fearless Again’: New Veterans’ Group Gives Women a Sense of Belonging

DOD: Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Jonathan R. Hoffman and Joint Staff Spokesperson Air Force Col. Patrick S. Ryder Defense Department Press Briefing



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