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Military November 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23, 2022

Dod: Medal of Honor Monday: Marine Corps 1st Lt. William Hawkins
Military.com: Sailor Who Heroically Intervened in Club Q Shooting Recovering in the Hospital; Golfers Take a Swing at Helping War Dogs Find Homes and more ->
Task & Purpose: A matter of life and death: How this crew chief kept the planes flying during the Kabul evacuation “It was a ‘this needs to happen, it needs to happen now’ kind of thing.”; How a combat vet former field artillery officer stopped the Colorado nightclub gunman Richard Fierro was credited with saving “dozens of lives.”; All-mom flight of Air Force F-15 fighter pilots takes to the skies “When I joined the Air Force, I didn’t know any fighter pilot moms.” And more ->
DoD: United States security assistance committed to Ukraine includes more->
The Untold Past: This Auschwitz SS Guard Helped Prisoners ESCAPE…
The Untold Past: This Tortured Female Spy Was HUNTED By The Japanese During World War 2…
The Untold Past: This Nurse Sacrificed Herself To DESTROY A Tank During World War 2…
World War Two: 221 – A Conspiracy to kill America’s President? – WW2 – November 19 1943
BRCC Presents: Ronald “Rondo” Scharfe WWII Navy Veteran
VOICES OF HISTORY PRESENTS – Maryanne Stoeppler Nurse 95th Evac Hospital Da Nang Vietnam 1968
Bret Vorhees – CEO of Taurus Guns | Black Rifle Coffee Podcast Ep 238