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By Hattie Gladwell: We really need to stop calling people living with a chronic illness ‘brave’

Hattie Gladwell: As someone who lives with a chronic illness, one thing I really can’t stand is being called ‘brave’.

Martha Chastney Smith, 24, has ulcerative colitis and fibromyalgia. She said: ‘Oh my god the brave thing is so annoying! Like, I literally have no choice in the matter. When people act like you’re doing something courageous just by living. I want to ask them what else do they expect me to do?

‘Putting it bluntly, it’s either live with it or kill yourself. And it feels like people are saying that they don’t see our lives as worth living. Of course life is tougher with a chronic illness, and please acknowledge that and think about the different things I need in day to day life, but don’t turn me into your little brave soldier who “inspires you” or similar bollocks.’

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