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Military October 13, 2018

By Paul Szoldra: Satellite Photos Show Parts Of Tyndall Air Force Base Have Been Completely Decimated
By Liz Forster: Man Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Army Captain Near Downtown Colorado Springs
Military.com: $87M Worth of Cocaine Seized by 52-year-old Coast Guard Cutter: Reports
By Carol Rosenberg: Military Court Rules Against Accused USS Cole Bomber’s Lawyers
By Brock Vergakis: It’s Been 18 Years and Families of USS Cole Bombing Victims Still Await Justice
By Jared Keller: Marine Commandant On Female Infantry: ‘You’re A Marine, Do Your Job’
By Jeff Schogol: Investigation: CNO Was Too Slow Firing ‘Bad Santa’ But Did Not Commit Misconduct
By Drew Brooks: 6 EOD Soldiers Awarded 11 Medals for Actions in Afghanistan
By Maj. Thomas Mcilwaine, British Army: Movies And Shows You Need To Watch To Understand The US Military, By A British Army Officer
By Col. Keith Nightingale, U.S. Army (Ret.): A Vietnam Vet’s Reflections: ‘When I Think’
Col (Ret) Keith Nightingale commanded four rifle companies, three battalions and two brigades. He regularly practiced field sanitation techniques. He is a member of the Ranger Hall of Fame.


Military September 06, 2018

Media Availability by Secretary Mattis En Route to India Secretary Of Defense James N. Mattis
Remarks by Lieutenant General Charles Hooper Lieutenant General Charles Hooper, Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency
By Katie Lange Defense Media: General’s Work Earns Him Multiple Native Alaskan Tribal Names
By Alexandra Shea, Evans Army Community Hospital: Gold Star Mother Continues Fallen Son’s Legacy
By Army Staff Sgt. Leticia Samuels, 449th Theater Aviation Brigade: Face of Defense: Army NCOs Reconnect During Mideast Deployment
By James Clark: There’s A Theme Park About That Time The Union Tried To Use Dinosaurs To Win The Civil War
By Col. Keith Nightingale, U.S. Army (Ret.): Sh*t Happens — And That’s Not Always A Bad Thing