Tag: Forgotten Weapons An American .30-06 MG-42 and GPMGs after WWII

Military October 31, 2019

Military.com: In Congress, Veteran Suicide Prevention is a Bipartisan Topic. Here’s the Plan; Prepping for the ACFT? The Two-Mile Run Is Here to Stay; US WWII Shipwreck Discovered in the Philippine Sea is the Deepest Ever Found; Army National Guard Mechanized Infantry Forces Arrive in Syria to Protect Oil Fields and more ->
Task & Purpose: The heroic military working dog from the al-Baghdadi raid is a ‘four year veteran’ with 50 missions under her collar; Video shows Mexican soldier begging El Chapo’s son to order cartel fighters to stand down; ‘Your spirit keeps our flag waving high’ — President Trump presents Master Sgt. Matthew Williams with Medal of Honor and more ->
DOD: Central Command Chief Gives Details on Baghdadi Raid; Losing Technology to Competitors Threatens Force Lethality; DOD Schools Rank High in National Reading, Math Assessments and more ->