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Military January 12, 2021

Military.com: How a Suburban Housewife Became a Pioneer of Military Intelligence and more ->
Task & Purpose: We salute this World War II veteran for surviving two pandemics a century apart “People are fragile in their everyday lives and feel like they have to do it alone, but they don’t.; The Navy just got its hands on a new frickin’ laser weapon to play with 🎶 We’re on the highway to the laser zone 🎶
DOD: Sports Heroes Who Served: Navy Enlistment Helped Spark Football Legend’s Career; Operation Warp Speed Leaders Hold Briefing on Vaccine and more ->
The Angry Staff Officer: America, Get your S**t Together






Military May 06, 2020

Military.com: ISIS Fighters Who Attacked Bagram Killed in Raids, Afghan Forces Say; Air Force Turns CONEX Box into Transport Capsule for COVID-19 Patients; Michigan Coast Guard Mascot Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Pawfficer;
Task & Purpose: Two of the latest soldiers to earn Ranger Tabs have made Army history; The USS Theodore Roosevelt’s ousted captain has been temporarily reassigned to San Diego and more ->
The War Horse: The Army Made Me Religious—Even Though I Still Don’t Believe in God and more ->
DOD: U.S. Army Garrison Italy Reveals COVID-19 Recovery Plan and more ->