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Military September 29, 2021

Military.com: ‘Crapshoot’ Sentencing by Court-Martial Juries Likely to End, Advocates for New Legislation Say; US Troops Go to Court Seeking Vaccine Exemption for Those Who’ve Had COVID-19; Coastie Receives 2021 Citizen Soldier Award and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘Left to the devils’: How red tape and paperwork errors betrayed America’s Afghan allies “I hope DynCorp’s error doesn’t cost them their lives.”; America’s top generals finally cut the bulls–t on Afghanistan The point of contention was when – not if – Afghanistan would fall. And more ->
DoD: Austin Gives Senate Hard Truths of Lessons From Afghanistan; Austin, Milley: No Debate About Courage, Commitment of Americans Who Served in Afghanistan; Maryland, Kentucky Guard partner to build homes for vets and more ->






Angry Staff Officer: Good morning, happy national coffee day. Be sure to thank your coffee for its service
Just for fun!
New HR policy: I Don’t care

Military June 14, 2020

Task & Purpose, Heather Osbourne, Austin American-Statesman: Family of missing Fort Hood soldier says she told them she was being sexually harassed before she disappeared
While Fort Hood officials are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to Guillen’s whereabouts, the family is now working to raise even more funds to offer a higher reward and provide more resources to aid in the search.

“How can you go missing on a military base?” Lupe Guillen asked. “They can’t even protect their own soldiers, what makes you think they can protect the nation? What makes you think they can protect us? You can go to war but you can’t find a soldier? You’re covering something up.”
Military.com: Ex-Marine Wounded 7 Times After Deputy Feared Being Dragged by Car and more ->
At the time he died, a friend said in a Facebook post that he was a “kind soul and spirit” who was let down by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the healthcare system after serving his country.

Family and friends told SIU investigators that Jones was deeply affected by what he saw overseas, including the death of fellow soldiers and the bodies of children.

Veterans Affairs doctors were treating Jones, but the trauma left him with problems functioning in society, including difficulty in holding down a job at a hardware store or a restaurant, said the report.

Friends said he was considered 90 percent disabled with post traumatic stress disorder.

“One close motherly figure in his life described him as ‘having caught a demon while serving in Syria,'” police wrote.

A former roommate said Jones was ‘pro-cop’ and supportive of police. He was surprised to learn Jones had been killed in a confrontation with officers.