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Military February 19, 2020

Task & Purpose: The decorated Marine pilot whose heroics helped stop the 1973 New Orleans sniper attack has died at 84; Top Pentagon policy official who certified Ukraine aid fired; Judge orders Navy to release documents on the 1963 USS Thresher disaster which killed 129 sailors; For years he sold the military’s version of the Iraq War. Now he’s on a mission to convey ‘the chaos and absurdity of that experience’; A call to action at the VA on sexual harassment and assault and more ->
Military.com: Kansas Marine Killed During Island Battle in WWII Identified; Here’s the List of Military Clinics That Will No Longer Serve Retirees, Families; Veterans Group: Pentagon Broke Agreement to Reopen Database; Reality Winner, Air Force Vet Imprisoned for Document Leak, Seeks Trump Clemency and more ->
DOD: Marines Landed on Iwo Jima 75 Years Ago; CENTCOM Spokesman Briefing On Camera at 4 p.m. EST Today, Feb. 19 and more ->





Military February 15 & 16, 2020

Task & Purpose: Pentagon identifies soldier who died in non-combat incident in Africa; Newly-digitized footage from Iwo Jima captures the fury of battle in incredible detail; 75 years ago, Darrell Cole earned his Medal of Honor with nothing more than grenades, a pistol, and ‘unfaltering courage’; 75 years ago, Edward Dahlgren earned the Medal of Honor for ‘magnificent courage’ in the face of enemy fire and more ->
Military.com: Jury Convicts Man of Murder in Freeway Shooting of Navy ‘Good Samaritian’; Navy Veteran Sentenced for Racist Threats to Calif. VA Centers; Veterans, Marines Honor 75th Anniversary of Iwo Jima Battle at Camp Pendleton; Tricare to Add ‘Female Viagra’ to Covered Drugs List; These Veterans Go Back to Their Roots to Feed Military Families; The Army Is Looking for Its Best Rangers, Snipers and Hand-to-Hand Fighters and more ->
The War Horse News Team: My calling and more ->


Navy to Christen Expeditionary Sea Base Hershel “Woody” Williams (ESB

The Navy will christen the Expeditionary Sea Base future USNS Hershel “Woody” Williams (ESB 4) during a 10 a.m. PDT ceremony, Saturday, Oct. 21, at General Dynamics NASSCO, San Diego.

The future Hershel “Woody” Williams is the first ship to bear the name of Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer Hershel Woodrow Williams, the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient recognized for heroism at the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II.

Navy to Christen Expeditionary Sea Base Hershel “Woody” Williams (ESB