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Military July 12, 13, 14 & 15, 2022

Military.com: How the Story of This Medal of Honor Recipient Wounded 21 Times Was Almost Lost to History; National 988 Suicide Hotline to Debut July 16; Veterans and Military, Press 1 and more ->


Task & Purpose: The wild story of how an American POW ended up fighting alongside the Soviets in WWII Captured and tortured by the Germans, this American paratrooper escaped his POW camp and fought alongside the Soviets as they marched to Berlin.; Which Marine Corps boot camp is tougher? This Marine experienced both Semper Fi.;
EOD commander reunited with working dog 3 years after patrolling in Afghanistan together “You’re always looking for something to feel good about on deployments, especially when they’re rough. And he was that something for me.”; How muscle cars, sideburns and John Travolta helped save the military after Vietnam Sign me up for that. Read more ->

The Untold Past: The JUSTIFIED Executions Of The Guards Of Stutthof Concentration Camp
The Untold Past: The BRUTAL Executions In The Ruins Of The Warsaw Ghetto
World War Two: The Irish Fighting for Britain Mexico’s Role in the War and Chuikov in Uranus – WW2 – OOTF 27
World War Two: 202 B – Prokhorovka: An Avalanche of Armor – WW2 – July 13 1943

Mark Felton Productions: The Death of Himmler – Episode 6: Himmler’s Gold
VOICES OF HISTORY PRESENTS – Rick Coats U.S.M.C Vietnam 1967 Infantry 3rd BN. 7th Marines

Jack CarrUSA: Episode 3: Consolidation – The Terminal List Podcast
Jack CarrUSA: Episode 4: Detachment – The Terminal List Podcast
Jack CarrUSA: Marcus Torgerson: Nightmare for Bad Guys
Jack CarrUSA: Jack Answers Your Questions!
Cleared Hot Podcast: Full Auto Friday – Round 114

Military January 27 & 28, 2022

Milityary.com: ‘Atomic Veterans’ Finally to Get Commemorative Service Medal; Military Ordered to Overhaul Effort to Prevent Civilian Casualties After Botched Airstrikes; Marines Make It Easier for Those Kicked Out over Vaccines to Come Back and more ->
Task & Purpose: ‘We’re always ready’ — Meet the soldiers of America’s go-to rapid response force “It literally just takes a phone call.”; Sexual harassment is now officially a crime in the US military ‘Sexual harassment, has for too long, been seen as something you had to deal with as part of the job if you wanted to serve.’ And more ->