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Military May 30, 2022

Task & Purpose: This Marine survived a sniper shot to the head in Iraq. He spent the rest of his life fighting for others He was a war hero revered by audiences and U.S. Presidents alike.

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Cpl. Clarence B. Craft
Task & Purpose: How I found meaning in Memorial Day over coffee with a Russian No matter the war we honor the fallen just the same.; Memorial Day means remembering those we lost and learning from their sacrifice If we fail to remember the fallen, then we’ll fail to remember the lessons they taught us in life, and in death. And more ->
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The Untold Past The BRUTAL Executions Of The Allied Soldiers Fed To SHARKS! – The Pig Basket Atrocity
Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) delivers Memorial Day message – May 30, 2022
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American Veterans Center 2022 National Memorial Day Parade
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