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Military October 24 & 25, 2021

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Navy Rear Adm. Richard O’Kane
Military.com: Ceremonies in French City Mark 100 Years of Honoring American Unknown Soldier; A Wyoming Farewell for Marine Killed in Afghanistan Bombing; American Veterans Share How Military Service Changed Their Lives in PBS Documentary and more ->
Task & Purpose: Marine Corps announces career-ending consequences for Marines refusing to get COVID vaccine USMC: You Signed the Motherf—king Contract; The inside story behind the photo of the last soldier to leave Afghanistan “I was stressed the entire time, like ‘Please be in focus, please be in focus.'”; When I hear a far-off boom, I imagine the worst“ I knew I wasn’t in Afghanistan. I knew soldiers weren’t dying in the distance. But in reality, that knowledge didn’t matter.”
DoD: Feature Radio Personality Robin Quivers Is Also Air Force Veteran; DoD Announces 2021 Secretary of Defense Maintenance Awards Winners and more ->
By Alexander Bodin Saphir, BBC News: The Tip-Off From a Nazi That Saved My Grandparents It has often been described as a “miracle” that most of Denmark’s Jews escaped the Holocaust. Now it seems that the country’s Nazi rulers deliberately sabotaged their own operation.