Military March 31 and April 01, 2022

Task & Purpose: ‘Be bold, be brief, be gone’ — The enduring legacy of the first female Marine officer killed in the Iraq War “As a Marine, Megan was the kind of person that you want on your flank”; Sailor killed, 2 injured in Navy radar plane crash in Virginia The crash reportedly occurred off the coast of Virginia; Air Force commandos are learning how to fight in Sweden’s frigid forests where ‘nothing works’; “I mean, it’s a real steep learning curve.” As women were slowly gaining equality in the 80s, the Army put a ‘pause’ on them “I just don’t think our society will ever want to have women in front-line combat,” a defense official said in 1981.; Why the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program is a job from hell “I was just shocked that they allowed all this unnecessary shit to cloud up this great mission.”; The fascinating story of how the Jeep became America’s favorite military vehicle Soldiers may enjoy their time in a Humvee or Huey nowadays, but there is no military vehicle more beloved than the World War II Jeep. And more ->

 Military.com: US Navy Names Ship After Late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Navy Vet Abducted in Afghanistan Appears in Newly Posted Video; American Military History How a Naked Skydive Inspired a Way to Keep Pilots Oriented in Flight; Boeing Gets Out the Velcro to Patch over Another Glitch with the Air Force Tanker; 5 Truly Badass Female Veterans; Maryland Veteran Awarded POW Medal, Ending 18-Year Battle with Army and more ->


DoD: Alaska National Guard hosts Arctic Interest Council; Navajo life helped forge NGB diversity director’s passion and more ->