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Military June 22, 2022

Military.com: Airman Arrested in Connection with Attack on US Base in Syria that Injured 4 Troops; Russia Indicates Captured Vets Face Trial as Death Penalty Looms and US Grasps for Details and more ->


Task & Purpose: The Army’s top enlisted leader went to Reddit for soldiers’ ideas on fixing the service’s biggest problems The Sergeant Major of the Army turned to Reddit to ask soldiers for their help fixing issues with Army culture. One suggestion: “Cut back on the bullshit.”; The untold history of the US military’s strange law against dueling It remains illegal for troops to engage in duels even though the practice of dueling died out in the United States long ago.; Airman arrested in connection to insider attack on US base in Syria A mysterious explosion in April at a base in northern Syria injured four U.S. troops. Who was behind it? And more ->

By Lucas Reilly, Truly*Adventurous: Ho Chi Bear and the Ravens Dubbed the Ravens, misfit American pilots in Vietnam learned they could fly, fight, and drink as they pleased in a CIA-sponsored secret war. Just one catch: They answered to General Vang Pao.


The Untold Past: The TRAGIC Executions Of Skede Beach
Mark Felton Productions: The Death of Himmler – Episode 5: Capturing Himmler’s Love Nest


Military December 20, 2021

Military.com: Female Ex-Pilot in Afghan Military Surfaces in US, Defying Rumors that She Had Been Killed and more ->
Task & Purpose: He never thought he’d make it out of Iraq alive. Now, he’s the Army’s top enlisted leader “Pound for pound, I’d put him up against anybody.” And more ->





Military January 29, 2020

Military.com: 41-Year-Old Medal of Honor Hero Now Faces His Hardest Fight on a New Battlefield; Save the Outrage: Do This Before Hitting Share on Military News; Improvements Coming to Alaska Army Base as Troops Face Morale Challenges; This ‘Guaranteed Hit’ Tech Could Be Added to Army’s Next-Gen Squad Weapon; The Hilarious and Totally Real Reason the F-22 Can’t Be Hacked and more ->
Task & Purpose: California Air Force base to house US citizens evacuated from China due to Wuhan coronavirus; SEAL Team 6 reportedly recovered 2 bodies and flight recorder from Afghanistan plane crash; 50 US troops now diagnosed with traumatic brain injury from Iranian missile attack; US to Iraq: We need to discuss the ‘entire strategic framework’ of our relationship; While the Army pours resources into Fort Wainwright after suicides, leaders stress one reminder: Look out for your teammates;All the countries where ISIS remains a threat, in 8 maps; 4 Marines recognized for heroic rescue of mother and 2 daughters caught in a deadly rip current and more ->
DOD: Review Finds No Systemic Ethical Problems in Special Ops; North Korea Remains Security Threat to U.S., Allies, Policy Official Says and more->
The Angry Staff Officer: Channeling Anger into Action