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Military January 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18, 2023

DoD: Medal of Honor Monday: Army Pfc. Garfield Langhorn

Military.com: Veterans to Get Free Emergency Care During Suicidal Mental Health Crises; This Week’s Top Military Photos: The Warwax Makes an Icy Rescue; Fire Watch: Inside the Fight by National Guardsmen to Repel a Terrorist Attack in Somalia; ‘Widow’s Tax’ on Survivors Will Be Completely Gone as of Feb. 1 Benefit Checks; The Airman Who Created the Super Soaker Is Rightfully in the Inventors Hall of Fame; The Hardest Thing I Did in the Army Wasn’t Getting Shot At. It Was Asking for Help. And more ->

Task & Purpose: Ukraine riffs on classic Chevy commercial to ask for M1 Abrams tanks Sturdy, dependable, tough. Like a rock.; Intelligence agencies documented hundreds of new UFO sightings, report finds Many cases were found to be balloons or clutter, but more than 170 remain unresolved.; How airmen used a single Google Doc to save thousands of lives during the Afghan airlift
“The chaos and hecticness of everybody trying to get in and get their evacuees out now became a smoother process.”; Airmen awarded for daring 2020 long-distance hostage rescue mission in Nigeria “Being recognized personally is amazing, but most importantly getting that American citizen back is what I feel great about.” And more ->


DoD: Firefighters on Ice and more ->

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The History Guy: Around the World: Operation Power Flite