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Images October 07, 2018

Eileen Claffey captured the moon and a fogbow on the morning of September 30, 2018, near Lake Wickaboag in central Massachusetts.
Fogbows are rainbow’s cousins, made by much the same process, but with the small water droplets inside a fog instead of larger raindrops. Because the water droplets in fog are so small, fogbows have only weak colors or are colorless.


Joel Mott
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Call its Bluff


Click link to view image – Tim Stagge: Dreisesselberg, Neureichenau, Germany Silhouette Of Transience

Click link to view image – Laura Smetsers: Wanaka, New Zealand The most photographed tree in New Zealand. Why? Just look at it!


Click link to view image – Luca Campioni @white73widow: Walking around at dawn

Click link to view image – Nick Ortego: Taken at the top of Mount Evans outside of Denver Curious Marmot

Click link to view image – Andre Benz: Gotham City New York NY

Click link to view image – Izaac Hewitt-Lawrence: Elfin Lakes, Canada Rangers Lookout