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Military December 17, 2021

Military.com: Storied 29th Infantry Patch Possibly on Chopping Block Due to Confederate Ties; Service Members Killed in Afghanistan Evacuation Attack Will Receive Congressional Gold Medals and more ->
Task & Purpose: Soldiers re-enlisting in front of a massive explosion is one of the military’s best photos of 2021 I love the smell of reenlistment in the morning.; The Navy is rusting away thanks to a crushing deployment cycle ‘Rust is found on ships that have high op tempo.’; One the US military’s best photos of the year is of a soldier absolutely hating life Embrace the suck. And more ->
DoD: Feature Meet the 2021 USO Service Members of the Year and more ->





Trigger warnings

Rapid Fire Q and A to finish off the week:

**Fair warning, this episode is not one that I would listen to within earshot of kids**

1. My wife and I found a conversation on my daughter’s phone where she was telling a friend about being molested by her uncle at age 9. We know who it is, when and where it happened, and I want justice for my daughter. What do we do

2. How do I support my friend who is an Air Force vet as he struggles his way through PTS and alcoholism

3. I have a cheating wife, I feel like a doormat husband, please help….