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Military 09 & 10, 2022

Military.com: The Army Vet Who Was Prepping Civilians for a ‘Pending’ Civil War; Another Helicopter Went Down on a US Special-Ops Raid. Here’s How Elite Aviators Prepare for that Worst-Case Scenario. And more ->


Task & Purpose: The story of how the Army’s ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ biked across America in 1897 Testing the short-lived theory of bicycle infantry meant almost 2,000 miles of pedaling; Judge drops all charges against Navy corpsman accused of killing former Green Beret Unlawful Command Influence.; Air Force commando course to be overseen by someone who hasn’t gone through it The course has stirred up controversy in recent weeks.; A retired Marine 3-star general explains ‘critical military theory’ “There is only one overriding standard for military capability: lethality.” And more ->

DoD: Pentagon Exhibit Honors Military Contributions of African Americans ; Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Press Briefing and more ->