Tag: World War Two: Sweden: The Jews’ Salvation? – October 2 1943 – WAH 080

Military October 02 & 03, 2022

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Task & Purpose: How a call to the VA’s crisis hotline may have helped rescue 2 US vets captured in Ukraine Talk about a lucky call.; Guess how many burpees it took for this Marine to break a Guinness World Record “My heart dropped for a bit when I saw the word ‘congratulations.’”; A century later, a World War I submarine has been found The U-111 submarine was captured by the U.S., sailed back to the U.S. and eventually thought lost to the ages.; Here’s the Army’s 1949 guide on how to be a well-mannered soldier Soldiers need to be polite, respectful and know how to live with others, according to the Army. And more ->
By Emily Ludolph, Narratively: One Person Can Thwart an Empire A whistleblower puts his life on the line to defy Soviet aggression. Over sixty years later, this forgotten story of subterfuge, smears and suspicious death has never felt more timely.

The Untold Past: The HORRIFIC Executions Of The Female Red Army Soviet Soldiers
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World War Two: Sweden: The Jews’ Salvation? – October 2 1943 – WAH 080

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