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Military October 21, 2021

Military.com: Air Force Offers Former Army Spouse $50K Settlement After Towel Left Inside Her During C-Section; VA Secretary Vows to Eliminate LA’s ‘Veterans Row’ Homeless Encampment by November; Famous Veterans: Leonard Nimoy Was a Taxi Driver Before Making It Big and more ->
Task & Purpose: Soldier who helped secure Kabul airport with Toyota technical traded for dip gets promoted Well deserved.; Kill the CAC? Why some people really want the military’s ID cards to go away “I hope Lt. Gen. Skinner succeeds in killing it, but I won’t hold my breath.”; An Air Force base is setting up reserved parking just for junior enlisted “I’m a big proponent of treating junior enlisted better, but this just seems kinda stupid.” And more ->
DoD: News DOD Begins Fielding 5G Communications to California First Responders; Army’s ‘Dragon’s Lair’ Opens to All Military Services and more ->