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Military December 20, 2018

By Michael Balsamo: Ex-Blackwater Contractor Found Guilty in 2007 Iraq Shooting
WASHINGTON — A former Blackwater security contractor has been convicted of murder at his third trial in the 2007 shooting of unarmed civilians in Iraq.

Nicholas Slatten, of Sparta, Tennessee, was found guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday in Washington.
By Jeff Schogol: How A Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Exercise Led To An Airman Shooting A Door 5 Times
Col. Thomas Sherman, 88th Air Base Wing commander, said the misunderstanding that day stemmed from “a convergence of multiple events that were taking place at the exact same time.”
By Rachel DeSantis: Air Force Veteran Starts GoFundMe to Pay for Border Wall, Raising $3M in 3 Days
By Patricia Kime: House Members Press Senate for Floor Vote on Blue Water Veterans
But House members, who passed the bill 382-0 in June, proposed that the Senate hold a floor vote.

Roe admitted that the existing studies that link health conditions in Navy veterans to Agent Orange aren’t definitive, but he added that it’s time to “move past that.”

“We’re this close to solving a decades-old problem for 90,000 of our colleagues. If we wait long enough, it won’t matter because they’ll all be gone,” Roe said.

The bill would provide compensation for veterans who served on Navy ships off Vietnam and have diseases that have been linked to Agent Orange in ground-based Vietnam veterans. These “Blue Water” veterans have pushed for years to get health care and compensation for their service-connected illnesses and disabilities.
By HirePurpose: Get A Ticket To The Dance: A Sailor’s Desire For Higher Education Keeps Him Advancing
When Carfagno began working as a civilian, he enrolled in night classes and pursued his associate’s degree in electronic engineering. “You could be the best dancer out there,” he said. “But without a ticket to the dance, you can’t even get in to show off your moves.” In the 20 years since leaving the Navy, Carfagno earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees; he is currently a Ph.D. candidate just months away from defending his dissertation.
By Isaac Arnsdorf, ProPublica, and Jon Greenberg, PolitiFact: The VA’s Private Care Program Gave Companies Billions And Vets Longer Waits
By James Barber: ‘Marine for Life’ Gene Hackman Narrates the Story of the USMC
By Military.com: Happy Holidays From ‘The Predator’
Shane has claimed he’s “done with Christmas” after people made a big deal about his obsession, but FOX made “The Predatory Holiday Special” to keep the Black Christmas thing going. It’s a stop-motion animated short that takes place at the North Pole, and it’s definitely NSFW.