907 Updates September 15, 2016

Will research information on what Rep. Wilson has done to provide more funding, improve OCS work force and foster homes.
Elise Patkotak: Social workers can’t protect Alaska kids on shoestring budgets


Congratulations Maija Katak Lukin!
Yereth Rosen: Former Kotzebue mayor to head western Arctic national park units


What percentage of those in pubic office are under investigation, have been formally charged, convicted or sentenced for crimes?
Alex DeMarban:  Convicted tax evader won’t vacate Skagway assembly seat, sparking a storm

Henricksen noted Henry still faces a hearing before the Alaska Public Offices Commission on Oct. 25 over a complaint alleging he falsified financial disclosure reports for four years.

Asserting that he lied on his APOC submissions and avoided income taxes, Henricksen asked, “Have you been honest with the Municipality of Skagway?”

In February, Henry signed a plea agreement that said he did not file individual income tax returns from 2004 to 2012. Henry agreed to pay $600,064.



DEC’s Contaminated Sites Program (CSP) recently updated the memorandum that describes how CSP will make closure determinations for sites regulated under the Oil and Hazardous Substance Site Cleanup Rules, Title 18 Alaska Administrative Code 75, Article 3 and the Underground Storage Tank regulations at 18 AAC 78, Articles 2 and 6. The memorandum is available on the DEC CSP Technical Guidance website at:

Kevin Gardner
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Contaminated Sites Program
Desk: 907.269.7658  Cell: 907.268.9875To receive program updates, please join the Contaminated Sites Listserv:



The Galactic Life: By the Numbers/Is Life Better In Reverse?
Alisa occasionally mutters something along the lines of, “this is the best of life”, or “I’m so happy”.
The sea is blue, we are completely on our own and glad for it, and the days go so fast that it’s hard to hold onto them.
Who could argue with her?