Carolyne Aarsen: Giving thanks

This is a picture taken close to our place. If you’ve stopped in at my website you’ve probably seen some of these.

From the letters I’ve been getting on that post and the comments, I have to admit that I live in a gorgeous spot of the world. Open spaces and fields. Blue skies and changing seasons.

Right now, thanks to decent weather, harvest is going full tilt. It hasn’t been an easy year. Last fall the farmers had to leave so much crop out because of early snow, too much rain in the fall and then more snow. So right now everyone who is out working late hours is happy and thankful.

In Canada we do Thanksgiving in October – which, ahem, is also my birthday. And each year I am thankful for so many things. Each year we also go around the table and ask everyone what they have been especially thankful for the past year. It’s always a warm and special time and it gives us all a chance to look back and realize what we have.

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