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Video April 24, 2017

Source: Strongest Bricklayer In The World

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Videos April 15, 2017


Two years and many seasons in the making.  Some time ago I had this idea of creating a long-term time lapse of the seasons.  That idea turned into an idea with a drone and a farm in Pennsylvania.  The first shot of this video was filmed in the spring of 2015 and the final was shot January 2017.



Family Reunion Picnics!



Videos April 13, 2017






Videos April 10, 2017

Drones, drones and more drones




Videos April 09, 2017










Videos April 03, 2017



Videos April 02, 2017

Videos March 30, 2017

We filmed with a Red Epic and Canon Lenses for primary cinematography and for a few aerial shots used the DJI Phantom 3 Pro.

Videos March 29, 2017