FYI December 4, 2016


Last Call: Dad Joke Edition Teaching daughter how to drive.


Molly Taylor & co-driver Bill Hayes
Joel Strickland Australia Crowns first Female Rally Champion



In The Kitchen With Matt Bacon and Cheese Mashed Potato Balls



audreyobscura  How to Make Bread From Scratch


VladI4  Cheap DIY Ambientlight using Arduino


ClenseYourPallet Hardwood Rug


MakrToolbox Dewalt Power Bank



How do you keep your electronic devices cool?  iPad quickly overheats when the sun shines on it, maybe “Foster Grant” sunglasses for the screen?~~
Stish  DIY Notebook Stand/Cooler




Sad. The folks that complained should be on Santa’s naughty (totally disgusted) list.
Lauren Evans: Paper Forced to Close Comments On Mall Of America’s First Black Santa Thanks to Racism
Larry Jefferson is a retired U.S. Army veteran from Texas, and his hope, along with the mall’s, was that he would serve as a “Santa for everyone.”



Something nice to counteract the Santa story.



Lt. Nick Grimmer and his new kitten, Tigger.

Alanis King: Kitten Survives 300 Miles Inside Car Bumper, Becomes Cover Of Royal Navy Calendar