FYI October 07, 2017

1912 – The Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction.
The Helsinki Stock Exchange (Finnish: Helsingin Pörssi, Swedish: Helsingforsbörsen) is a stock exchange located in Helsinki, Finland. Since 3 September 2003, it has been part of Nasdaq Nordic (previously called OMX). After the OMX merger, it was referred to as OMX Helsinki (OMXH), then after NASDAQ’s acquisition of OMX in February 2008, NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, and currently Nasdaq Helsinki.[1]

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1893 – Alice Dalgliesh, Trinidadian-American author and publisher (d. 1979)
Alice Dalgliesh (October 7, 1893 – June 11, 1979) was a naturalized American author and publisher who wrote more than 40 fiction and non-fiction books, mainly for children. She has been called “a pioneer in the field of children’s historical fiction”.[1] Three of her books were runners-up for the annual Newbery Medal, the partly autobiographical The Silver Pencil, The Bears on Hemlock Mountain, and The Courage of Sarah Noble, which was also named to the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award list.

As the founding editor (in 1934) of Scribner’s and Sons Children’s Book Division, Dalgliesh published works by award-winning authors and illustrators including Robert A. Heinlein, Marcia Brown, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Katherine Milhous, Will James, Leonard Weisgard, and Leo Politi. Her prominence in the field of children’s literature led to her being appointed the first president[when?] of the Children’s Book Council, a national nonprofit trade association of children’s book publishers and presses.[2]

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Remarkable video shows how a 200ft lorry turns sharp right on a narrow Highland road from SWD Media on Vimeo.

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Photographer Tanja Brandt‘s pet owl

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Victoria Dahl’s Tongue Lashings: The One Where Victoria Gets Super Personal and Super Pissed About Birth Control
You have no idea. There are so many gaping holes in the so-called safety net, a woman just has to hope she finds a handhold. You have no right to make it worse. Reproductive rights are not a luxury. They are hope and opportunity. They are everything. I don’t give a damn about your religious beliefs or the religious beliefs of my employer or my congressman. I have my own beliefs. My OWN. Do I get to have those respected? I’d damn well better, or there will be war and I will fucking win it. I get the feeling a lot of other women feel the same. I wouldn’t ignore that if I were you. Because You. Have. No. Idea.