FYI September 10, 2016

Patrick George: Holy Shit Watch This Car Dangle From A Parking Garage Live
David Darrow – comment: How is this still going on??? Seriously give a redneck a case of Busch Light, a 100′ of cable and a come-along and it will be done in 20 minutes.


Daniel Terdiman Now Celebs, Athletes, And Companies Can Interact With Their Followers On Facebook Live
That’s changing today, with the launch by BlueJeans Networks’ Primetime service for Facebook Live. Already a tool used by prominent companies like Facebook, The Players’ Tribune, the Sundance Film Festival, TED, as well as celebrities, athletes, and political figures such as Sheryl Sandberg, Drew Brees, David Ortiz, Chelsea Clinton, and others to broadcast things like internal town halls or all-hands meetings, Primetime now works on Facebook Live. That means the live streams can be seen, and interacted with, by anyone on Facebook.


Justin T. Westbrook: I Still Have No Idea What Clarkson, Hammond, And May’s DriveTribe Website Will Be