Sexual Consent: SNAFU August 28, 2016

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Officials told the Times that Cosme engaged in further sex acts with women who were incarcerated at the time, and therefor not legally able to consent.

Hannah Gold: Rikers Island Correction Officer Indicted on Rape Charges as Sexual Assault Allegations Against Jail Staff Spike


The main culprit, critics say, is Security Chief Turhan Gumusdere, a man who has faced scandal in the past for distorting data in the jails by deleting hundreds of fights among inmates from the records when he was a deputy warden.

Stephen Rex Brown, Reuven Blau: EXCLUSIVE: Rikers Island correction bosses routinely ‘purge’ unfavorable violence stats to create illusion of reform, review shows


Roman Palanski, Bill Cosby & Nate Parker

Nate Parker, does he have daughters & sons?

On his understanding of sexual consent today, Parker says, “I’m learning, still. I’m 36-years-old and I’m learning about definitions that I should have known when I started having sex.”

And while we’re on the subject of learning things, Parker also admitted that when he wrote the initial Facebook post, a whole two weeks ago, he, “never took a moment to think about the woman.”

No doubt many moments from this interview will also be instructive to Parker.

Hannah Gold: Nate Parker Says He Did Not Think of Consent ‘As a Definition’ When He Was Accused of Rape

In 1999, Mr. Parker and his roommate Jean McGianni Celestin were accused of raping a young woman while they were students and wrestlers at Penn State University. (They said that the sex was consensual.) There was a third man, Tamerlane Kangas, who chose not to participate in the incident. At the trial two years later, Mr. Kangas said, according to court transcripts, “I didn’t believe that four people at one time was — you know, it didn’t seem right.”

What happened in 1999 is a familiar story: college athletes, alcohol, a vulnerable woman and allegations of sexual assault. The unnamed woman pressed charges against Mr. Parker and Mr. Celestin, claiming she was drunk, unconscious and unable to consent to sex.

Roxane Gary: Nate Parker and the Limits of Empathy