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Military June 12, 2020

Military.com: Lawmakers Move Once Again to Rescue A-10 Warthog from Retirement; African American Vietnam Vets Deliver a Powerful Message in Spike Lee’s ‘Da 5 Bloods’ and more ->

Task & Purpose: Meet the former soldier who gave National Guardsmen in DC an impromptu phalanx lesson in this viral video and more ->

DOD: By Master Sgt. Matt Hecht | New Jersey National Guard: NJNG women talk about the meaning of Women Veterans Day


Chuck Clark
“Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people at stupid times”…boy, is that getting to be a difficult task nowadays.
Osvaldo Hurtado
I’m all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let’s start with typewriters.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Quick note- the video portion starts at 5 minutes in. I apologize for the technical issues.

This episode is especially meaningful for me. 11 September is a hard day for our country, but is compounded by the loss of Glen and Ty at Benghazi on the same date as well as Jason Freiwald on the 12th in ‘08. I wanted to bring our first Gold star parent and female guest to help rationalize loss on this painful anniversary. Debbie Lee, the mother of Marc Lee who was the first Navy SEAL killed in action in Iraq joins me in a very touching and emotional tribute to her sons sacrifice and what it means to this nation. We discuss her and her sons childhood, the nature of the mission that took her sons life, her subsequent trips to the area it happened in and how she has ultimately turned her grief into helping scores of veterans and their families with her amazing charity “America’s Mighty Warriors”
NSFW Excellent and well worth listening to.

Traditionally these episodes are dedicated to multi-topic Q and A, today will be slightly different.

The most regrettable moments of my life revolve around the times I have not taken action when I should have, when I have not said something that I should have, when I tolerated what I know to be wrong.

I am as flawed as the next man. The list of my mistakes is long and distinguished. I will stand in judgement of my actions, all of them.

What I discuss on this episode needs to have been said long ago, many times, by far too many people. I was part of the problem, I should have been part of the solution.

Question 1: CrossFit

Military October 24, 2019

Military.com: US Troops Safe After Hitting Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan, Military Says; After Death Investigations, Scrutiny Again Falls on VA Physician Hiring Practices; Esper Has Sharp Words for Turkey over Syria Invasion; Soldier Charged in Fatal West Point Crash Kept Quiet at Hearing; Bill Requiring POW/MIA Flag Be Flown with US Flag Heads to Trump’s Desk and more ->
Task & Purpose: The A-10 Warthog will now BRRRT! in surround sound; 46 Medal of Honor recipients came together for a hockey game, and this badass photo was the result; We salute the Marine scout sniper who snuck up on an enemy completely naked except for a pair of boots; Naval Academy midshipman charged with sexually assaulting 3 students after breaking into sleeping quarters; The inside story of how The Village People shot the Navy’s most controversial recruiting video onboard an active warship; Flask & Purpose: That time General MacArthur roasted the president and more ->
DOD: WWII Battle Helped Secure Philippines 75 Years Ago and more ->



Military August 13, 2019

Task & Purpose: With the facts of his death murky, an investigation will see if a Marine was killed in Iraq by friendly fire; The A-10 Warthog will keep on BRRRTing in the free world for at least another decade; Marine who sent Nazi imagery to ‘Terminal Lance’ creator gets busted down to private; Watch a Russian jet chase a NATO fighter away from the Russian defense minister’s aircraft and more ->
Military.com: Marine Who Warned of Insider Attack Should Be Allowed to Serve, Board Finds; Special Forces Unit Member Killed in Niger Ambush Honored for Bravery; Army Doctors in El Paso Surged to Care for Victims of Mass Shooting; Senator Pushes Back After Deported Marine Not Allowed to Enter US for Interview and more ->