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Military December 14, 2017

Maria Popova Brain Pickings: Code Girls: The Untold Story of the Women Cryptographers Who Fought WWII at the Intersection of Language and Mathematics Liza Mundy
“Virtually as soon as humans developed the ability to speak and write, somebody somewhere felt the desire to say something to somebody else that could not be understood by others.”

Another article on Robert Lawrence, Jr.
By Ashawnta Jackson: Remembering the Groundbreaking Life of the First Black Astronaut
Robert Lawrence Jr.’s accomplishments are finally being recognized.

By Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jonah Baase 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit: Face of Defense: Embarkation Marine Lives in the Details
CAMP HANSEN, Japan, Dec. 13, 2017 — Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Vivianlee Aguero thrives in a high operational tempo. “I love putting all of my effort into my job, because I can see it in the product,” she said. “Staying motivated and pushing through the busiest work times is the most satisfying feeling once it’s done.”

By Patrick Bray DLIFLC Public Affairs: Afghan Native-Turned Army Linguist Fulfills His American Dream

“I never saw the U.S. as invaders. I saw them as liberators because they liberated me and my family.”
Staff Sgt. Mashal Shekib