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Military January 20, 2022

Task & Purpose: 2 Marines killed, 17 injured in vehicle rollover near Camp Lejeune Emergency personnel are on the scene.; A soldier was beheaded at Fort Bragg. Over a year later, the Army still doesn’t know why The case of Spc. Enrique Roman-Martinez “remains unsolved.”;
Marine Corps says goodbye to its ‘Island Warrior’ infantry battalion after 80 years “It is still hard to say goodbye to a unit that has so completely defined the experience of being a Marine.”; There’s an abandoned Air Force base with underground tunnels for sale on Facebook right now A small police call of the property may be required and more ->

Military.com: House Approves Bill to Automatically Enroll Vets in VA Health Care; Lawmakers Want the Pentagon to Waive Tricare Copays on Birth Control Services; Alec Baldwin Sued for Defamation by Family of Slain Marine and more ->
By T.L.K., The War Horse: Even Democracy Requires Constant Vigilance From Corrosive Attacks Within

Rare Historical Photos: When the US military pushed helicopters overboard to make room for the last evacuees of the Vietnam War, 1975