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Military January 23, 2020

Task & Purpose: Air Force veteran turned police officer killed in the line of duty in Hawaii; ‘I made promises to the people that I lost’— How the Iraq war forged a Navy SEAL’s path to Harvard Medical School and NASA; We need to talk about that study claiming that US troops are ‘overpaid’; Over 100 Coasties died in a U-boat attack in 1918. Now, the Coast Guard wants to give Purple Hearts to their descendants; For Walmart, hiring veterans ‘makes us better’ and more ->
Military.com: 3 US Firefighters Killed in C-130 Water Bomber Crash in Australia; First Woman Enters Japan’s Submarine Academy; Some Civilians Who Served in Vietnam Are Getting Veteran Status; US Special Operators Could Use This New Suppressor That Relies on WWI Technology; Navy Warns Mail-In DNA Kits Could Bring ‘Unwelcome’ Family News and more ->
DOD: Veteran Helps Solve Major Crimes
The Angry Staff Officer: Finding Space – Chapter Twelve


Military January 14, 2020

Military.com: Former Soldier Pleads Guilty to Stealing Government Money During Deployment; China’s Navy Commissions Biggest and ‘Most Powerful’ Surface Warship; Facebook Takes on Veteran Unemployment with a New Digital Hub; Group to Fight Space Force’s Use of Bible for Swearing-In Ceremonies and more ->
Task & Purpose: Russian military hackers reportedly tried to steal emails from the Ukrainian energy company at the center of US impeachment scandal; Ex-Green Beret pleads guilty to stealing government funds during deployment; NAS Pensacola shooting was an ‘act of terrorism,’ says US Attorney General; SEAL, Doctor, Astronaut — Navy Lt. Jonny Kim achieves your childhood dreams so you don’t have to; Pour one out for the soldiers photographed in The Washington Post with their hands in their damn pockets and more ->