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Steller Watch: The Sea Lion of the Month for March is ~35

The Sea Lion of the Month for March is ~35. This sea lion was in the first group of sea lions that was marked on Gillon Point (Agattu Island) back in 2011 and has had a pretty adventurous life so far! When this female was marked on June 23, she weighed about 53 pounds (24.2 kg) and was almost 3.5 feet (105 cm) long.

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Sea Lion of the Month: A1

I thought for this month’s featured sea lion, it would be interesting to share the story of a male sea lion that we have observed over his entire life-span. The February Sea Lion of the Month is A1. When we would see him in the field, we would fondly call him, “steak sauce,” after the well known A.1. Steak Sauce. Did you know, according to Wikipedia, in 1824, the English King George IV tried the sauce and called it “A.1.”, the highest category to classify ships for insurance purposes (meaning high quality)? And so was the name coined…

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Steller Watch: Studying northern fur seals

Source: Studying northern fur seals – Steller Watch

October 1st: ~100 – Steller Watch

Our featured sea lion for October is ~100 and he is a bit of a mystery to biologists but not to those of you who are helping us classify images on Steller Watch!

Source: October 1st: ~100 – Steller Watch