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Military January 25, 2020

Task & Purpose: Airman dies while deployed to Antarctica, leaving behind wife and 2 children; ‘This is a tragedy for our entire team’ — Alaska airman killed in armed confrontation with police; Aircrew in stable condition after US Navy helicopter goes down in Philippine Sea; Americans trust soldiers more than judges, police, and the president, poll finds; Two Army Ranger medics saved lives by taking fresh blood from uninjured soldiers in the middle of a firefight; Navy reportedly investigating secret PornHub videos taken of sailors in a bathroom and more ->
Military.com: Man Accused of Stealing from American Legion Hit with New Charges; Kirtland Airman Facing Court-Martial in Fatal Crash; Veterans Group: Lawsuit Prompts Pentagon to Reopen Database; 75 Years: Survivors, Dignitaries to Mark Auschwitz Liberation; Men Reenact an Oft-Overlooked War that Remade the US, Mexico and the Border; The Case for Pulling US Troops Out of Africa; How to Defeat a Drone Attack: Raytheon Shows Off New Tech in Tabletop Exercise and more ->
DOD: Addressing China Threats Requires Unity of U.S., World Effort, Esper Says; New SEAC to Serve as Chairman’s Eyes and Ears to Joint Force; DOD Agency Offers ‘milDrive’ Desktop-Integrated Cloud Computing and more ->