The Good, The Bad & The Bizarre August 24, 2016

Photographer H. Lee documents the unique and often unseen world of marijuana farming in the series Grassland.

Kaitlyn Flannagan Photo Essay: A Year Inside the Pot Growing Industry


“I came from a business where you’re in a fight all the time, and it’s a physical team thing. I didn’t find that in the normal day-to-day life. Then I saw that being a Soldier would keep me hands-on, active and keep me in that team environment that I craved and needed so much.

Brock Vergakis: Daryn ColledgeHe won a Super Bowl in the NFL. Now he’s training as a Blackhawk mechanic at Fort Eustis.



Chris Woodyard and Mary Jo Layton Massive price increases on EpiPens raise alarm


NEW ORLEANS — The Good Samaritans who rescued hundreds, maybe thousands of people during the “Great Flood of 2016” say they’re not happy after a state lawmaker announced that he wants government to regulate future actions by citizen heroes.

A loosely organized group called the “Cajun Navy,” took it upon themselves to save strangers, hundreds upon hundreds of them, by boat even when their own property was flooding.

Lawmaker wants Cajun Navy to train, pay fee before saving others