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FYI April 23, 2019

On This Day

1348 – The founding of the Order of the Garter by King Edward III is announced on St. George’s Day.
The Order of the Garter (formally the Most Noble Order of the Garter) is an order of chivalry founded by Edward III in 1348 and regarded as the most prestigious British order of chivalry (though in precedence inferior to the military Victoria Cross and George Cross) in England and later the United Kingdom. It is dedicated to the image and arms of Saint George, England’s patron saint.

Appointments are made at the Sovereign’s sole discretion. Membership of the Order is limited to the Sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and no more than 24 living members, or Companions. The order also includes supernumerary knights and ladies (e.g., members of the British royal family and foreign monarchs). New appointments to the Order of the Garter are often announced on St George’s Day (23 April), as Saint George is the order’s patron saint.[2]

The order’s emblem is a garter with the motto Honi soit qui mal y pense (Middle French: “Shame on him who thinks ill of it”) in gold lettering. Members of the order wear it on ceremonial occasions.



Born On This Day

1856 – Granville Woods, American inventor and engineer (d. 1910)
Granville Tailer Woods (April 23, 1856 – January 30, 1910) was an American inventor who held more than 60 patents.[1] He is also the first American of African ancestry to be a mechanical and electrical engineer after the Civil War.[2] Self-taught, he concentrated most of his work on trains and streetcars. One of his notable inventions was the Multiplex Telegraph, a device that sent messages between train stations and moving trains. His work assured a safer and better public transportation system for the cities of the United States.




By Andrew P. Collins: WWII-Era Flying Wing Plane Has Fatally Crashed On State Prison Grounds
Gizmodo Science: Atlantic Shipwreck Graveyard May Be Key Habitat for Imperiled Sharks; Fossilized Human Poop Shows Ancient Forager Ate an Entire Rattlesnake—Fang Included; These Are Bubbles Made of Sand and more ->
Gary Price: Conference Paper: “Institution as Social Media Collector: Lessons Learned from the Library of Congress”; New Resource: OCR4all (Open Source Text Recognition Software for Historical Texts) and more ->
By Rocky Parker: Content Formatting: How to Structure Text to Keep Readers Engaged
Atlas Obscura: A forgotten Lisa Frank factory pays tribute to its colorful and whimsical products; Moon Trees and more ->
Gastro Obscura: How breweries helped keep Peru’s Wari Empire together; Coffee Cabinet and more ->
By Marjorie Suddard: Kings of The Road: Vintage Campers
Open Culture: Hear Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig in the Sky” Played on the Theremin; The Daily Rituals of 143 Famous Female Creators: Octavia Butler, Edith Wharton, Coco Chanel & More and more ->
The Rural Blog: Tune in for webinar — or head to regional workshops — on rural broadband grant and loan program; Op-ed writer offers suggestions for Democratic candidates looking to reconnect with rural voters; Supreme Court hears oral arguments in FOIA case to decide if SNAP payments to retailers are public record and more ->
By Jeff Beer: New podcast digs into all 846 episodes of “Cops” and its distorted reality of crime culture




By Adina Mayo: Paleo and Whole30 Tex Mex Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Paleo and Whole30 Tex Mex Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
By Tara Dodrill: Jam Cake Recipe – A Civil War Era Dessert Favorite



907 Updates April 23, 2019

By Chris Klint: DHSS rethinks Wellpath contract, will open bidding for API privatization
By KTUU Staff: Muni of Anchorage appealing damages award to former APD lieutenant
By Derek Minemyer: Jewel Lake homeowners happy after FEMA provides relief for quake damage
KTOO Public Media: Gardentalk – Feed me, Seymour!; Alaska first responders train up on urban search and rescue techniques; As his crime bills languish, Dunleavy renews the idea of a special session and more ->
KYUK Public Media for Alaska’s Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta: Bethel City Council Considers Paying Its Council Members, Adding New Subdivision and more ->
Alaska Native News: House of Representatives Passes Bill to Establish Hmong-American Veterans Day; Violent Assault on ‘Household Member’ in Bethel Jail; Newtok Man Jailed after Injuring Juvenile with TV and more ->
Fairbnaks News Webcenter 11: Spring storm expected to hit Fairbanks tonight through Wednesday; Happy Earth Day 2019; THE DAILY DISPATCH 4-22-19 and more ->
By KTVA: Head of the Class: Begich’s Rebecca Zerby encourages students through science
By Aaron Morrison: 5 things you thought you knew about snow

Military April 23, 2019

The Associated Press: Firefighters Honor Marine Killed in Afghanistan
By Gillian Flaccus: Remains of WWII Soldier Identified 76 Years After Going MIA
By Jon Pompia: Marine Vet, Former Iran Hostage Billy Gallegos Honored for FBI Service
Task & Purpose: The Army wants robots to help soldiers map underground tunnels, and it wants them ASAP; Trump’s tax cut was a disaster for some Gold Star families, but it’s a symptom of a larger problem; The California National Guard’s culture of whistleblower retaliation is worse than previously known; China shows off the first of its next generation destroyers and more ->
By Cindy Clayton, The Virginian-Pilot: The untold story of the men who died in the USS Saturn inferno — and why the Navy’s inquiry remained classified for decades
By Joseph V. Micallef: NATO on Its 70th Anniversary: A Birthday Party or a Wake?
By Rose L. Thayer: Two American Soldiers Stopped by Mexican Troops Along the Border
Newsweek obtained a copy of the incident report filed by the soldiers, which offers more details into the brief interaction. The Mexican troops approached the U.S. soldiers with rifles pointed at them, and removed a service pistol from the hip of one soldier and tossed it into an unmarked U.S. Border Patrol vehicle. The private and sergeant involved in the incident were part of 1st Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment, out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, Newsweek reported.
Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan assures U.S Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona that he will work with her in addressing the issue of sexual assault prevention and response in the military.
DOD Announces Winners of the 2019 Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards
By James Barber: 10 Unintentionally Hilarious Military Acronyms


Quotes April 23, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Toxic people will not be changed by the alchemy of your kindness. Yes, be kind. But move on swiftly and let life be their educator.”
Brendon Burchard
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein
Take a breath. Find some peace. Be kind.
The book about this time has not been written. Be kind. You can change the plot of this time — one kind act at a time.
Yes, it’s dark out there. Shine on. The world needs your light right now
Fear is a liar. That’s just a fact. By being kind to yourself and everyone around you, you will find the truth again. Just try it. Be kind.
Be kind. Asshole and Troll is already taken. There can never be too much kindness.
Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me: I see you. I know how hard you try. You matter to me. Hang in there. Things get better with time. Promise. Now, repeat it to everyone you know — you see them, they matter, you see how hard they try — and to hang in there.
The world is a large place. The universe is sharing her secrets with us. Be kind. Share the beauty within you and without.
The first sight you saw was light. So many of us only see darkness now. Ask yourself: What have I allowed to keep me from the light that is my birth right?
So many people feel as if their lives are dark right now. Be kind to someone else. Do one act of kindness. You will see the light return to your life.
You weren’t put on this planet to worry and fret. You’re here to do magic shit! Time to get some magic shit done.
We’re all opening to the light. Be kind.
Depair = Anger + Fear. If you’re feeling despair, you’re afraid somewhere. Take some time to look into your fear — and always remember fear is a liar. Let it go. Find your hope because Anger + Hope = Action.
Do one act of kindness each day of the year, and change 365 lives.
Every life is made up of moments of light and dark. What you focus on makes your life feel light or dark. Look for the light. Live in the light

Music April 23, 2019

Images April 22, 2019






FYI April 22, 2019

On This Day

1970 – The first Earth Day is celebrated.[4]
Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries,[1] which are coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.[2]

On Earth Day 2016, the landmark Paris Agreement was signed by the United States, China, and some 120 other countries.[3][4][5] This signing satisfied a key requirement for the entry into force of the historic draft climate protection treaty adopted by consensus of the 195 nations present at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

In 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be celebrated on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature’s equipoise was later sanctioned in a proclamation written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations. A month later a separate Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970. Nelson was later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom award in recognition of his work.[6] While this April 22 Earth Day was focused on the United States, an organization launched by Denis Hayes, who was the original national coordinator in 1970, took it international in 1990 and organized events in 141 nations.[7][8]

Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on the environmental issues that the world faces. In 2017, the March for Science occurred on Earth Day (April 22, 2017) and was followed by the People’s Climate Mobilization (April 29, 2017).



Born On This Day

1830 – Emily Davies, British suffragist and educator, co-founder and an early Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge University[5]
Sarah Emily Davies (22 April 1830 – 13 July 1921) was an English feminist and suffragist, and a pioneering campaigner for women’s rights to university access. She is principally remembered as the co-founder and an early Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge University, which was the first college in England to educate women.




By Prachi Gupta: 2 Middle School Girls Arrested in Plot to Kill Classmates
By Tom Ley: The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Scottish Dog’s Soccer Mastery
The Passive Voice: Science Just Settled One of Type Design’s Oldest Debates; Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police and more ->
By Maren Estrada: You can cover one room with a $200 Nest Cam or your entire house with these $26 cameras
Wirecutter & Rachel Cericola: Picking the best security camera for your needs
By Barbie Latza Nadeau: Professor Who Scanned All of Notre Dame Died Months Before Fire The late Vassar professor Andrew Tallon had one obsession: Notre Dame. And luckily he made documenting every inch of the Gothic cathedral his life’s work.
By Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributor: A Dart in a Boy’s Eye May Have Unleashed This Legendary Massacre 350 Years Ago
The Rural Blog: Southern states seek more federal funds to fight Asian carp; Philanthropy fund aims to help rural areas, bridge divides and more ->
By Nick Dall: The Apartheid-Era Lubricant That Slides WD-40 to the Curb

By Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings: Rachel Carson’s Bittersweet Farewell to the World: Timeless Advice to the Next Generations from the Woman Who Catalyzed the Environmental Movement
Open Culture: Enter, Explore, and Learn About Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson with a New Augmented-Reality App; What Is a Zen Koan? An Animated Introduction to Eastern Philosophical Thought Experiments; Here’s What Ancient Dogs Looked Like: A Forensic Reconstruction of a Dog That Lived 4,500 Years Ago and more ->
MESSYNESSY 13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCCXLIX): Parisian woman with her cat in her cannabis garden, 1910. ⁣ The last duel in France took place in 1967, and it was filmed; Easter eggs circa 1940 WW II and more ->
GlacierHub — Newsletter — April 22, 2019
By JR Raphael: 27 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Sheets could do There’s much more to Google Sheets than meets the eye. Unlock these advanced options–and watch your productivity soar.
By KC Ifeanyi: Move over TikTok: Bits is the new app that wants to launch comedy stars


By Wendy: 12 Life Hacks Make Spring Cleaning Easy as Pie!
Flower Patch Farmhouse: Easy DIY Hummingbird Fountain




By Kevin Pang: The Instant Pot was made to cook Indian butter chicken
By Sheela Prakash: 10 Sturdy Salads That Will Actually Last in the Fridge
By Bold_Bites: Bacon Pound Cake
By alessandraanguiano: Croissant Best Ever Recipe



907 Updates April 22, 2019

By Tracy Sinclare: On Earth Day, NASA asks for Alaska’s help to #PictureEarth
Suzanne Downing Must Read Alaska: Myrna Maynard, Ms. Republican
A memorial is planned for Friday, April 26, 5-7 pm at the Petroleum Club in Anchorage. Readers may add their memories of Myrna in the comments section below.
By Derek Minemyer: Musical group tours through Alaska to share a dying man’s musical dream

Military April 22, 2019

By Jeff Schogol: Airman dies in non-combat incident in Qatar
DoD: DOD Identifies Army Casualty Spc. Ryan Dennis Orin Riley
By Haley Britzky: The Army plans to reinvestigate a 2007 murder-suicide it originally concluded was ‘friendly fire’
By Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters: Chelsea Manning must remain in jail for contempt, US appeals court rules
By Hal Bernton: After Sinking of Destination, Coast Guard Slow-Walks Training for Skippers
But nine years later, the Coast Guard has yet to come up with regulations to enforce the safety mandate. Even in the aftermath of the Destination investigation, which documented the missteps that contributed to the loss of six crew members in the Bering Sea, Coast Guard leaders have yet to say when this training rule might be in place. So the stability courses remain voluntary, often sparsely attended.

“It’s’ just exasperating,” said Jerry Dzugan, executive director of the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, which offers a one-day training course. “Some laws just die and go away because no one pays any attention to the fact that regulations were never finalized.”
By Amy Bushatz: Removing Spouse Career Barriers: Libby Jamison
By Kris Osborn: ‘Gunny’ Remembered: The Life of R. Lee Ermey