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Quotes April 23, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Toxic people will not be changed by the alchemy of your kindness. Yes, be kind. But move on swiftly and let life be their educator.”
Brendon Burchard
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein
Take a breath. Find some peace. Be kind.
The book about this time has not been written. Be kind. You can change the plot of this time — one kind act at a time.
Yes, it’s dark out there. Shine on. The world needs your light right now
Fear is a liar. That’s just a fact. By being kind to yourself and everyone around you, you will find the truth again. Just try it. Be kind.
Be kind. Asshole and Troll is already taken. There can never be too much kindness.
Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me: I see you. I know how hard you try. You matter to me. Hang in there. Things get better with time. Promise. Now, repeat it to everyone you know — you see them, they matter, you see how hard they try — and to hang in there.
The world is a large place. The universe is sharing her secrets with us. Be kind. Share the beauty within you and without.
The first sight you saw was light. So many of us only see darkness now. Ask yourself: What have I allowed to keep me from the light that is my birth right?
So many people feel as if their lives are dark right now. Be kind to someone else. Do one act of kindness. You will see the light return to your life.
You weren’t put on this planet to worry and fret. You’re here to do magic shit! Time to get some magic shit done.
We’re all opening to the light. Be kind.
Depair = Anger + Fear. If you’re feeling despair, you’re afraid somewhere. Take some time to look into your fear — and always remember fear is a liar. Let it go. Find your hope because Anger + Hope = Action.
Do one act of kindness each day of the year, and change 365 lives.
Every life is made up of moments of light and dark. What you focus on makes your life feel light or dark. Look for the light. Live in the light

Quotes April 07, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness


“Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”
Proverbs 16:24
“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”
Bob Kerrey
“At the end of this day, the world will either be a more or less kind, compassionate, and loving place because of your presence. Your move.”
John Pavlovitz
We’ve all heard the saying: “You are what you eat!” Did you know that this is also true with your mind, body, and spirit? Fill up on hate and anger, you’ll feel angry and hateful. Fill up on kindness, and you’ll have a kind life.
Why is it so cold? Why is it blue? Why does that road go right there? Stuck in the land of “why”? Stop it. There’s never a good answer to “why?” “Why?” is a question that takes you away from your power. Get out of your head. Get into your life.
Kindness is love with boots on the ground. Let’s get to work to make 2019 a kind year for you, your family, your city, your country, and your world.
Want a new doors to open in your life? Be kind. Kindness opens the very best doors.
What if you forgive yourself today? It’s time. You’ve suffered enough. Let it go.
“Ahh, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is LOVE to be found in this world.”
Everything is a phase. Kindness is forever.
“Kindness is not an act. It’s a lifestyle.”
Want to change your luck? Be kind. Watch your luck blossom! What have you got to lose?
Practice being kind to those you love. Soon you’ll find that you love more and better.
A kind word is a way of telling another soul that there is light in the world, even it they cannot see it.
We are all heroes to someone. Maybe it’s time to be a hero to yourself?
You are magnificent. You are enough. Shine bright.
There is always one in every crowd. Just be kind.
Kindness is like a beautiful flower in the snow and ice of your every day life. Be kind.
Your mind and spirit need a visit to the forest. Time to plan a trip!
We were born to help — our neighbor, the stranger we meet on the street, our co-worker, our community, and even ourselves. Sometimes, when we hurt, we forget that we’ll feel better if we help. Being kind is the easiest and cheapest way to help — and can be done by anyone at any time.
Spring is a wonderful time to begin to think about how you can be kind to those around you.
You always have time to be kind.
Drink deep of the peace you have. Be kind to you.

Quotes March 16, 2019

Reminders Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.”
Proverbs 16:24

“I think probably kindness is my #1 attribute in a human being.. Kindness — that simple world. To be kind — it covers everything, to my mind. If you’re kind, that’s it.”
Roald Dahl

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”

“At the end of this day, the world will either be a more or less kind, compassionate, and loving place because of your presence. Your move.”
John Pavlovitz

Quotes March 04, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.”
Lady Gaga
“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
Marcus Aurelius
“The world is fully of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.”
Nishan Panwar
As long as you have a warm heart, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside. Kindness given or received warms the heart.
Kindness is a light in the dark! Be kind.
Life reflects back to you what you give. Want a kind life? Be kind.
Welcome to the new week! You’ve got your phone, your planner, and your computer. How do you plan to be kind?
You’ve been cool. You’ve been smart. You’ve been handsome or pretty or gorgeous. You’ve been rich and you’ve been poor. Isn’t it time you were kind?
Really want to change the world? Be kind
“Kindness is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.” We are Teachers
No matter how hard or winding the road, be kind.
Breathe in. Breathe out. Be kind. You’ve got this!
Be kind — to yourself, to everyone you meet.
“It only feels like you are drowning. Kindness is your lifeline.”

Quotes February 23, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”
James Matthew Barrie, author of Peter Pan
Will you join the army of the kind? “What this world needs is a new kind of army – the army of the kind.” Cleveland Amory
Terrified by something? You’re not called to fix it or repel it or kill it. You are called to be kind. Be kind to those you fear.
Toadstool? Mushroom? Magic? Who knows? Be kind.
Maybe it’s time to get off the tracks.
The fog will clear soon.
Take a breather.
Be kind to you.
Everyone has A LOT to say right now. What people need is for you to listen. Just listen. It’s a kindness that everyone needs.
No matter what the weather is right now, spring is coming. Be kind.
Not your cup of tea? No one needs to hear about it. Be kind with what you say.
Surrender. You cannot control everything. Focus on what you can control. Be kind to you!
Be kind today and every day.

Quotes February 11, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness


Every match goes out eventually. Be kind to you. Keep your fire lit.
Feeling underwater? Kindness is your life jacket. Be kind — first to yourself, and then to others.
Even that bird out in the snow is reminding you to be kind! #
Climb every mountain! Forge every stream! Follow every byway! Until you find your dream! Sure. Fine. Whatever. It’s Friday and I got to go to work. Right? It’s good to dream. Why not be kind while you work to get there?
Enjoy the quiet moments in your river of life. You build strength in these moments of calm. The rapids are coming soon enough.
I believe: Kindness is the way. What do you believe?
Say it with me: “I love myself.” Even if you have to fake it, say it out loud. It sounds small, but believing this three word sentence will change your life. You deserve this kindness.
Hello kindness my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again…
Be kind and create light in the world.
In times of great change, our paths wander nilly willy. No matter where your path leads you. Be kind.
Don’t let the chilly weather or cold politics to make your heart cold. Be kind.
Life is intricate and complicated. You won’t figure it all out. Be kind.
Life is short! Celebrate every moment by being kind.

Quotes January 27, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Be kind. It’s more than enough.
In our dreams, life is warm and golden. But in reality, life is everything — warm, cold, hard, easy, filled with morons and shining brilliance. All you have to do is be kind. Your kindness creates the warm, the golden in your life.
“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” This was on the NYC Subway in sharpie on the concrete. The Ghandi say that it’s something he said, maybe. Who cares who said0 it? It’s truth is profound. Be kind to you. Let some of your grievances go .
You are made of the stuff of stars. Shine your light. Be kind.
As the day begins and as it ends, let’s ponder — were we kind today?
Breathe in. Breathe out. Be kind.
Whether we like it or not, change is happening all around us. How will you get through it? Be kind, first to yourself, and then to everyone else.

Quotes January 20, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

Think of it this way– would you take a kidney from one of “them”? A pint of blood? Chances are, when you’re in need — you’ll need one of “them.” Give up the lie. There is no “them”. There is only “us.”
We are still in the season of dark. Be gentle with yourself. Hold onto the light inside. #
You don’t have to listen them howl! Turn it off. Shut it down. Be kind to you!
Take a moment, just for you. Imagine you are on a warm, tropical beach. You are safe. You are warm. Breathe in the luxury of this moment. Let it go. Open your eyes. Now, be kind
Light travels a great distance. Share your light. Let it reach those who are in dark.
Your kindness warms the coldest day. Be kind.
Your kindness brings the light. Be kind. Bring light to yourself and everyone you know.
Sometimes, all you can do is hold out your kind light to the world. You never know who might desperately need the light. Be kind. Be the light.
It costs you nothing to be kind. Your kindness gives you everything in return.
Hey, let’s face it — it’s been a long week. In our exhausted, stretched state, there is one thing we can always do — be kind. That’s it. Be kind. When you can’t be kind — just shut up and smile. You’ve got this!
You never know where the river of life will take you. Be kind now while you can.
“There is light somewhere. it may not be much light but it beats the darkness.”
Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski
“If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.”
Lucy Larcon – from Random Acts of Kindness Foundation @RAKFoundation

Quotes January 06, 2019

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

New year. New kind you. Improve your year. Be kind.
Today starts a journey through 365 days of 2019. You’ll never get these days again. Let’s renew our goal — “This year, I am willing to be kind.”
There are three things that will help you in every situation in 2019 — 1. Breathe in. 2. Breathe out. 3. Be kind. This is your Kind To Do List. Happy New Year!
Let’s be clear — you cannot change anyone’s angry mind. That’s a fact. This year, make a goal to be kind, even to those who don’t “deserve” it.

Quotes December 26, 2018

Courtesy of Claudia Hall Christian Everyday Kindness

Kindness toward yourself will draw other like minded people to you. Be kind to you. Be kind to them. Be kind.
Feeling squeezed? Practice kindness. Make space
We can hear your judgments a mile away. Let it go. It’s a kindness you do for yourself that pays off for everyone around you.
It’s the reason
we bother getting together
Kindness is love in action.
Your kindness makes it so much easier.
Hey you! Yes, I mean you! You are loved. You might not feel it today. But it is true — you are loved. Never forget it!
Feeling alone? Right now, someone is thinking about you. Never allow your self cruelty to convince you that you’re unloved.
Today is the only day you have. No matter what happened yesterday, be kind today.